Prescription Plans

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For decades Medicine Man Pharmacy has been providing people who don't have insurance throughout the region with a savings or discount plan. Often time these programs were the only way folks throughout North Idaho could now afford their meds. A number of chain stores have finally come to the table to bring consumers into their store, but these discount programs tend to have restrictions, limitations, and a one-size-fits-all structure. Medicine Man offers two unique plans for reduced prescriptions at highly competitive prices. After consulting with your Medicine Man pharmacist, they can explain the benefits of the plans and you can evaluate the best program to meet your individual or family needs.

Prescription Savings Club

Save on over 5,000 name brand and generic medications.

  • Good for people of all ages
  • Year-long savings from your Medicine Man pharmacy
  • No prior authorizations required

If you do not have prescription drug coverage or your insurance does not cover all your prescription needs, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Prescription Savings Club plan can provide significant savings on medications for you and your family. Ask your Medicine Man pharmacist for details on this plan. Click here for more information.